Tubelite Company | Coronavirus (COVID-19) Industry Update, 4/8/2020


Tubelite has been an industry leader and trusted partner to the signage industry for 92 years. We value our employees, customers and vendor relationships established during our long-tenured leadership in the industry. While the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) wasn’t initially on our roadmap for 2020. We’d like to take this opportunity to let you know how we are managing the current crisis.

Tubelite’s managing leadership is in constant contact and holding regular daily meetings to discuss the fluid situation and addressing each issue that arises. We are following all C.D.C, W.H.O as well as Federal and Local Government guidelines. With our Information Technology department, most of our employees can work from home with little to no business interruption. This will have little to no negative impact on our customers or day to day duties. Our offices are maintaining enough onsite staff to ensure we can receive and stock products from vendors as well as maintain daily shipment and delivery drivers to our customers.

Should any Tubelite employee, family member or close contact become exposed to COVID-19, it is our policy to quarantine and isolate that employee, following all C.D.C, W.H.O as well as Federal and Local Government guidelines. We have implemented social separation in the workplace and are maintaining minimal physical contact between departments and co-workers.


While managing the impacts from Coronavirus (COVID-19), we understand our customers are doing the same while trying to run their business and keep their commitments. Our commitment to our customers during this time has never been stronger. The polices we have in place in addition to our national coverage with our 10 fully stocked shipping warehouses across the United States, ensures we will be able to keep our commitment to you. Additionally, our team is also in constant contact with our suppliers. Our goals are:

Supply Chain Management:

  •  All 10 Tubelite locations are fully stocked with inventory. Should a warehouse suffer effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) our other 9 warehouses have built-in redundancy and inventory to supply all our customers.
  • Our manufactures are committed to fulfilling all purchase orders and we currently expect no delay in shipping or resupply.
  • With the 2019 Tariffs against China, most of our overseas supply chain was moved to other vendors and suppliers in different countries.

Sales & Support:

  • All Account Managers will be working from home and contacting you via phone & email.
  •  Customer Service will be continued to be staffed, some from home and some from our offices.
  • We will be able to take orders via phone or email.

Operations & Logistics:

  • Tubelite has over 50 delivery vehicles servicing our 10 locations. We fully intend to keep our local deliveries running. All our delivery drivers are following C.D.C, W.H.O as well as Federal and Local Government guidelines.
  •  Additionally, all delivery drivers will be wearing fresh gloves for every delivery and maintain their vehicles as a clean environment.
  •  Tubelite operations team is in constant contact with FedEx, UPS and other major carriers to ensure their operations and reroute any and all shipments to meet our customer’s needs.
  • We are instituting shift-based warehouse work to maximize social distancing.

Lastly, we want everyone to know we are revaluating the crisis on an hourly basis. Our commitment is to our employees, customers, and suppliers. We understand these are difficult times for each of us. But together we are ready to meet the challenges this has brought to our industry.

Thank you,
Greg McCarter

President & CEO
Tubelite Company